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How To Channel by maudlin

Here be instructional videos, both serious and lightweight. Do you feel the need to better humankind in some infinitesimal way? Got an outstanding VideoJug entry? Want to teach someone how to fish, or sew, or build a wall? Then bring your video here!

Explain how dead and backup embeds are activated.

There was a published video. It was declared dead. I unknowingly posted a duplicate of said video but with a different embed code. I confirmed the duplicate. On the original (dead) video I invoked the backup call pointing to my working embed but the video is still stuck as dead.

How can I bring it back to life and tell it to use the backup embed code? I'm confused

Wanted: YouTube to AVI download and converter

Looking for a recommendation of an easy to use all in one program that can download and convert YouTube Videos to an AVI file. I've seen some that are online but they only allow for you to do shorter videos. I'm looking for something that will allow for hour plus long videos.

I've tried to download two different programs so far. The first wanted to load a bunch of other stuff onto my puter and the second one ended up being a trial that wouldn't let me download the total file. Any Ideas or recommendations?

Allow posting of video from standard URL (not embed code)

I just noticed that the VideoSift Bookmarklet allows you to automagically create a posting from some of the popular video sites (YouTube, Vimeo, College Humor, Funny or Die, Daily Motion) and I wonder why is this same functionality not added to the standard submission page?

I wouldn't mind if it was an undocumented feature, have the validate button see if its a standard URL then check if its a supported site and form the embed just like the bookmarlet does.

This is VideoSift bookmarklet page

Why cant non probationary, non gem, members *dead/dupe/rel

I believe that a website stays alive (grows) by attracting new members. The way videosift is set up currently it takes a lot of work to get a special icon next to your name. So much work that you either have to be a lurker or a full time sift zombie

If someone has stayed around long enough to get out of probation why are they still not allowed to post dead/dupe/related/backup? I have found many "problem" videos and tried to help out but siftbot ignores my calls.

I understand wanting to keep the place clean. I think you (the privileged members reading this) forgot how long it takes to gain power. I contribute a lot to videosift with the amount of free time I have and yet I can't make one of my favorite websites a better place.
I had an older account and lost the password. Since it was a standard non probation account which held no abilities I was too lazy to try to recover it and made a new account.

I am not begging. In fact I want this change for all of us lowly regular users (the 99% if you will haha)

My question is - Why can't regular non probationary members help out? Is it out of fear that someone could abuse these commands? It seems unlikely that someone would take the time to get out of probation just to troll around.

My second question - If I submit a video and later find it to be dead or a duplicate why cant I, the SUBMITTER, call a dupe or dead or backup command?

Why Can I No Longer Embed Youtube Videos In Comments?

I can't seem to embed Youtube videos in comments anymore, does anybody know why this is? I've tried every which way possible but nothing seems to work. Other Sifters seem to have no problem doing it.

(1)...... Using the basic embed code
(2)...... Submitting via "Bookmarlet", copying THAT full code & trying to submit it.
(3)...... Trying both of the above using the OLD embed code.

Feedback here please people.


"Ye Olde Hyperlinke Buttone"


Ok folks, not wanting to look like a moron here, but is there any way of "linkifying" posts like we used to be able to on the old sift? I've checked the FAQ & can't see anything about it. On the old layout, there used to be a little button in the top left corner of the comment box that you just clicked on & the mighty Siftbot did the rest.

Hope this makes sense, enjoy the rest of the festive season & thanks in advance.

Standing desks may improve your Sifting (and your health)

There's been a few articles on the perils of sitting down for extended periods of time and how standing is much healthier for you.

I really want to raise my desk but it seems like a hack your own solution at this point in time given the prices of custom made standing desks.

Thus I've decided to build the last desk featured in this article and chuck my old one out. Ikea delivery next Friday! I've got to chop a few bits off to make it fit but it looks like a sweet design.

Anyone else feel like standing?

Some links:

And there's a ton of others, just google for more!

Liveleak videos not able to embed?

I am trying to post a video from liveleak and it keeps saying the embed code is invalid. Why is this?

Here is a random example
<iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

How do I do This? - "Let's Play"


My son plays Minecraft, he's 10 years old, almost 11.
What he loves are all the "Let's Play" Videos on Youtube. In fact he's infatuated.

What he want's more than anything right now is to stop watching them and start creating them.
Yes, he wants his own "Let's Play" channel on YT.
I can't imagine why anyone would want to sit and watch someone else play a video game for hours but he does and there are lots of people who do.

In my mind, this may be the opportunity I've been looking for to switch him from being a zombie user to being a productive creator of content. He loves computers and this may be the hook needed to put him on the road to what may lead somewhere productive.

What I need is to know how to do it.
How do you play Minecraft (or any game) and record the screen play while also recording your own voice as you go?
And also, to do it cheaply or free. He wants to use his birthday money to get what he needs to do this. Hopefully I can get him up and running without him using up all of his money - Remember, He's only 10 (Turning 11 in May)
Doing this Free would be better but I don't know if this is possible.

Please share your wisdom with us.

Thumbnails - Getting it RIGHT.

Ok all:- One thing I don't mind doing when I've got the time, is updating thumbnail images for videos that don't have any. The only problem I see with this however (unless it's jusy MY computer) is that on a lot of occasions, the image looks "compact" & therefore distorted. Now this is in my opinion unfair to the video's poster because I'm trying to capture an image within the video to portray it as best as I can, but this will have the opposite effect if the image looks "warped" in any way.

My question is (& I HOPE this makes sense)......... Are there recommended pixellation measurements I can chop an image down to that ALL computers are visually comfortable with??

Thanks in advance.

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